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Like a magnet, TV advert shoot attracts curious Nairobians

Trust Nairobians for their curious instincts whenever anything that is ‘out of the norm’ happens on the city streets.

Be it an accident, a robbery, an acrobatics performance or even a high risk incident such a terrorist attack, Nairobians will always rush to the scene to witness the unusual event.

The same scenario was played out on Sunday afternoon during the shooting of an advert of a locally based international digital television channel along Kimathi Street.

True to character, within minutes Nairobi residents quickly congregated around the location of the production eager to find out what was going on.


In their hundreds, curious onlookers, most of whom were having an easy time on off their weekday engagements, followed the proceedings – in excitement –  as the actors were taken through their lines and actions.

The skit depicts about 50 actors who are drawn from different levels of the economic scale, who then dance on a straight queue while chanting the name of the brand they are promoting.

A scene from the shooting of a TV advert on Nairobi's Kimathi Street. PHOTO | NAIROBI NEWS
A scene from the shooting of a TV advert on Nairobi’s Kimathi Street. PHOTO | NAIROBI NEWS

The actors were made to rehearse for almost 30 minutes before playing out their moves repeatedly for close to an hour, in scenes that drew the attention of a curious crowd that included security officers.

Kumbe hii inakuanga kazi mingi hivi” (I didn’t know there is a lot of work involved in putting an advert together), one of the curious onlookers was heard wondering aloud.

The advert is set to premiere on the screens within the next month.