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Lobby groups demand security for voters on election day

Two lobby groups have called on the national government provide security for voters in the October 26 presidential election.

This is after a section of opposition leaders vowed to ensure elections will not be conducted in their constituencies.

The Wazelendo Huru and Women Political Alliance groups condemned the calls, saying all voters should be allowed to exercise their democratic right.

Secretary General Wazalendo Huru, Marion Njoroge said they want assurances that voters will face no intimidation on election day.

“We want the government to guarantee us that come October 26 we will have freedom to vote for a candidate of our choice for the position of President,” said Ms Njoroge.

She added that leaders publicly insinuating that elections will not take place should be arrested.

The Women Political Alliance executive director Beatrice Kamau said those who want to participate in the elections be given the chance.