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Makadara MP Aladwa bails out broke and stranded Vihiga Bullets

By Cecil Odongo February 1st, 2023 2 min read

Makadara Member of Parliament George Aladwa on Wednesday came to the rescue of Football Kenya Federation Premier League side Vihiga Bullets who were stranded in Nairobi after their league contest against AFC Leopards.

Vihiga coach George Owoko told Nairobi News that the team could not raise Sh30,000 that they needed for their trip back home after going down 1-0 to Leopards. Owoko also confirmed that the MP sent the team Sh35000 to cater for their travel expenses after learning of their predicament.

The coach also said a US-based businessman by the name George Achar sent the team Sh30,000.

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“I want to thank Hon George Aladwa for coming to our help. We are now ready to travel home. Our appeal also touched Mr George Achar who is a businessman in the US. On behalf of the team, I thank him. God bless Aladwa na Achar for doing for us this favour,” Owoko said.

“We were broke and the money collected will now cater for our meals on the way back home, fuel among other logistics. We appreciate this kind gesture,” he added.

To honour the game, Bullets raised money from donations from boda boda, mama Mboga, businesspeople and the local community in Mbale town, Vihiga County.

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The players turned up for the match against Leopards on empty stomachs since they only took breakfast in the morning.

As they embarked on the journey back home, the team said it is in the process of getting a paybill as they called on their fans to continue supporting them in their next matches.

“We appreciate all your efforts for making sure the team has gotten out Nyayo Stadium. Thanks so much for all the kindness accorded,” the team said.

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