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Mammito refuses lucrative deals from skin whitening brands: ‘Even for 5m, I can’t!’

In a resolute stance against the promotion of skin bleaching or whitening products, popular comedienne Mammito has emphatically declared that no sum of money could tempt her into endorsing such brands.

With a steadfast commitment to her principles, the 29-year-old influencer who is now branded a bankable rib cracker has firmly declined any potential collaboration that contradicts her values.

While Mammito asserts her respect for personal choices and acknowledges that altering skin pigmentation is an individual decision, she remains resolute in her refusal to participate in any marketing efforts that promote skin bleaching or whitening products.

“For me to work with any brand, it all depends on what they stand for, and if it doesn’t align with my beliefs, then I will humbly decline,” she stated.

“At the moment, I haven’t gotten to that point, but one job that I’m certain I can never take is doing content for brands in the skin bleaching or whitening business,” the 29-year-old affirms.

Known for her humorous content and strong presence on social media, Mammito champions self-acceptance and self-love.

“I believe I’m beautiful just the way I am,” she expressed, emphasizing her commitment to setting a positive example for her followers.

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Mammito says that she does not and will never judge anyone for altering their skin pigmentation to acquire a certain appearance. She is determined not to contribute to a culture that pressures individuals to alter their appearances to conform to specific standards of beauty.

“I love my skin, I love black everything, I won’t judge you for doing your little thing, I will respect your decision, but that isn’t just for me. I wouldn’t like to make somebody else feel like they need to do something to themselves to change their appearance to look a certain way,” she explained.

“For that simple reason, I will decline that job even if it’s worth Sh5 million or however enticing that deal might be,” she adds.

This principled stance echoes her friend and fellow comedian, Terence Creative. Terence has openly shared his refusal to endorse alcohol products and gambling services due to his personal experiences with addiction and financial loss.

Having lost a substantial amount of money through gambling, Terence’s experience informs his unwavering decision to avoid affiliation with harmful products.

He said this was informed by a past bad experience where he lost over Sh5 million on gambling, having lost the amount that was meant to buy land.

Terence also revealed that he also gambled his car out of addiction to gambling and alcoholism.

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