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Man admits in court that he smokes weed to get strength to cultivate farms

A man has been sentenced to six months in jail term after he admitted before a court in Eldoret that he smokes marijuana to get strength to cultivate farms.

The 24-year-old man, told the court that the 50 rolls of cannabis sativa he was found in possession of at a residential house in Eldoret town was not for sale, but for his own consumption.

The court was told how on July 10, 2023 Dismas Sasiya was arrested with the illegal substance at Naiberi trading center in Ainabkoi sub-county illegally.

The police later established that suspect is renowned seller of marijuana in the area. However, in court Mr Sasiya denied charges of being a bhang seller.

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“It is true that I was found with this cannabis, but the allegation that I am a seller is not true. The truth is that I use it increase my strength to till people’s lands so that I can get my daily bread,” the accused admitted before Chief Magistrate Denis Mikoyani.

He caused laughter in court when he said he consumes 10 rolls a day and the 50 rolls is equivalent to five days of work in the fields.

The court sentenced him to six months in prison or a fine of Sh20,000.

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“Since you have admitted to the charge of being found in illegal possession of marijuana, this court has sentenced you to six months in prison or pay a fine of 20,000 shillings,” the magistrate ruled.

In the same court, a woman denied the charges of being found cultivating marijuana in her farm in Turbo sub-county.

According to the prosecution Gentrine Andayi was found to have planted three stems of cannabis plants in her farm in violation of the drug control law. The charge sheet stated that the accused was found weeding the plant on July 10, 2023.

The accused denied the charges and was released on bail of Sh100,000 or Sh60,000 cash bail. The case will be mentioned on July 31, 2023.

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