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Man moves to court to block Kidero case

Dr Evans Kidero’s looming prosecution is a malicious attempt at crippling  his political career, a Nairobian, who has moved to court to have the case dropped, said on Thursday.

In the case, which will be heard on Friday, Mr Alex Nchore Ochako has challenged the authorities  asking them to come clean on their  intentions and  accuses the Director of Public Prosecutions of double standards in the pursuit of justice.

Out-of-court settlement

Furthermore, he said, in the affidavits filed in court yesterday, “parties have been negotiating with a view of settling the issue out of court”.

“There are more serious offences that have not been addressed such as money laundering, terrorism and drug trafficking among others  and one wonders why this is a priority,” lawyer Evans Ondieki, who is  acting for the petitioner, said.

He said the intended prosecution is brought in bad faith and only meant to humiliate and politically harass the governor of Nairobi county.