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Man pictured in multiple staff IDs of top jobs arrested – PHOTOS

By Hilary Kimuyu September 28th, 2017 2 min read

A man who caused a social media storm after being pictured in staff identity cards of top jobs has been arrested.

The man, whose true identity is yet to be identified, had identified himself as Gordwins O. Agutu in all the three staff IDs.

The man was arrested at Kiboro School in Kayole Division, as members of the public he allegedly duped pounced on him.

The man was pictured in a Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) staff ID as holding the position of Assistant Commissioner Domestic Tax Survailance (sic).


He was also pictured in a Kenya Pharmacy and Poisons Board staff ID as holding the position of Pharmavigilance and Survailance (sic).


Another Kenya Police staff ID showed him as holding the rank of a Senior Superintendent of Police (sic) in the Criminal Investigation Department. Never mind that the Criminal Investigations Department he purports to be working for, changed its name to Directorate of Criminal Investigations.


It in not yet clear whether he used the staff IDs to gain access to the three organisations.

On Wednesday, detectives from KRA interrogated to establish how he acquired the staff card.

Sources at KRA said the authority had written to the DCI and the Central Bank, requesting for investigations into all transactions that have been done by the impostor.

On Wednesday, Kayole OCPD, Joseph Gichangi confirmed the man had been arrested and that investigations were underway.

“Once we are done with the investigations and complainants have given us information about him, we will arraign him in court,” Mr Gichangi said.

Kenyans took to social media to express their shock about the man while sharing pictures of his identity cards.

“This is the luckiest man in Kenya he works in two government institutions and one parastatal concurrently while some of us are jobless with not even a sweet vending machine business to our names,” one user noted.


Another one said; “He is a superintendent, works with Kenya Pharmacy and Poisons Board, he is a Taxman all at the same time. If this is true, this guy deserves a medal,”

This incident comes just a week after the arrest of a police impostor who lived in police quarters at the Uhuru Camp for six months without being detected.

The man identified as Kennedy Mojong Ekale, 26, even had full AP uniform including jungle trousers, camouflage jacket, Jungle shirt, a red belt, a lanyard, a jungle hat and a raincoat. He also had two T-shirts.

The Uhuru Camp, normally hosts APs attached to the Securing of Government Buildings Unit, SGB, under which Bodyguards attached to VIPs also serve.

These incidents come just two months after police impostor, Joshua Waiganjo was released on a Sh500, 000 bond by a Naivasha court, after over four years in custody.