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Man charged with stealing macadamia nuts makes strange revelation about marital status in court

A 38-year old man on Friday tickled a court in Embu after he said he had remained unmarried since he was shy and could not face members of the opposite sex.

Mr Eliud Kinyua Njue told Chief Magistrate Maxwell Gicheru that he always gets tongue-tied whenever he sees a woman and thought of seeking her hand in marriage.

He had earlier admitted to stealing three kilograms of macadamia nuts valued at Sh200, belonging to his brother Joseph Gicovi Njue in his Gatoori village farm.

The theft happened on January 31, 2018.


It is during mitigation that the magistrate enquired if he had any dependents but he explained that he was not married due to his lack of confidence in approaching women.

Mr Kinyua said he was remorseful and explained that he had stolen the farm produce to sell to brokers who have invaded the area so that he could buy food to eat.

“I was hungry and wanted to sell the macadamia to buy food. I am very sorry and will not repeat it,” he said.

State Counsel Patrick Onjoro said Mr Kinyua was a first offender.

Mr Gicheru ordered that he be remanded until February 8 when a probation report would be read.