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Matatu operators on short notice to comply with dreaded ‘Michuki rules’

Matatu operators have been given until November 12, 2018 to comply with the traffic act commonly referred to as ‘Michuki’ rules or face the law.

A statement issued on Thursday jointly by the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Interior, notified all PSV operators to have their vehicles fitted with speed limiters/governors, safety belts and the yellow continuous line before the stipulated date.

In addition, PSV drivers and conductors will be required to wear uniforms and PSV badges and prominently display their photos as prescribed by law.

“In the past, there has been an upsurge in the number of road accidents involving public service vehicles, mainly attributed to lack of observance of the law governing traffic management,” the notice read in part.

“Therefore effective Monday 12th November 2018 any PSV vehicle, drivers, SACCOs/Transport companies, passengers and other relevant parties that fail to comply with the provision of the NTSA Act and the traffic Act will be firmly dealt with accordance to the law,” the joint statement further read.