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Blogger Maverick Aoko apologises to Raila, shares suicide thoughts

By Winnie Mabel September 5th, 2023 2 min read

Controversial blogger Maverick Aoko has apologized to opposition leader Raila Odinga for her vulgar behavior towards him and his family following a failed attempt to take her own life.

In an emotional message on X (a social media platform formerly referred to as Twitter), she apologized for insulting his children using their health problems and sexual identity.

“I even attacked Raila’s children… Who does that? Baba. I’m sorry!” said Aoko in part.

For context on why she apologized, in her September 5, 2023, statement, Ms Aoko claimed she had allegedly previously taken pills to end her life but had been found in bed barely breathing, and saved by her domestic manager.

Following this experience, she reflected on the life she had lived thus far and this included her vulgar and bullish behavior towards the Odinga family.

“I made my breakthrough on Facebook. But Twitter built the Maverick brand I wasn’t. I’m not. And hasn’t been okay. Unpleasant to admit. (That) hasn’t always been the case. This is not the Aoko you knew. The Aoko that while at Nairobian, gave Njoki Chege hell, while she had a column at Nation and I Nairobian. This was not the anti-feminism girl that stole your attention. Njoki has since gone academic. I remain here on Twitter.

For some years, I have felt abandoned and misused by everyone. Like the world was closing on me and life was pulling the rug under my feet. You were seeing me but not hearing me. Didn’t you just read my (writings) and felt nuh, this isn’t our Aoko? I even asked for help publicly. I wrote on Twitter – please help me. I got insults instead I have 109k followers yet felt so lonely. And hollow. And helpless.

No one really wanted to interact with me without strings attached. I have State House contacts yet woke up crying, and sad. Dejected I couldn’t function sober. So I smoked, drank, and chipod stupid men. Do you know why I was struggling to keep alive? For my father. He’d die of heartbreak if anything happened to me. He loves me too much. (men) or gin. Couldn’t sleep without either. I burnt bridges for UDA. I even attacked Raila’s children. Who does that? Baba. I’m sorry!” said Ms Aoko.

She went on to claim she was being misused for her communication skills and being paid peanuts while ghostwriters made millions, and was being overlooked as good government blogger others were being hired but she had learnt her lesson.

“I wake up. Cry on bad days. Watch documentaries on good days I can’t walk among my people (from her tribe). I am a pariah. I gave these (government) people my all. Risked my entire existence. I hear they now discuss me in airport lobbies. I’m here doing everything and anything to numb my pain. I’m the strongest woman there is out there. If you see me break down, nimefika mwisho (i am at the end of the road),” added Ms Aoko.

She then announced she was taking a social media hiatus to heal and reflect, and intended on coming back stronger and better.

Months ago, Maverick also brewed a storm in Raila Odinga’s ODM part when she claimed she had slept with a handful of married ODM politicians while she did communications work for them. She did not provide any proof of this and one of the men sued her.

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