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Maxwell Mwamburi now comes clean on dating ‘prominent politician’ 

Social media influencer Maxwell Mwamburi better known as Maxine Mkamburi has confessed that he fabricated his story about dating a prominent politician. 

Mwamburi made the confession during a Q&A on his Instagram stories, saying that he has long been in the company of people who create false stories just to get likes and views.

“Let me clear the air once and for all, there was no Zaddy in the first place, it was all showbiz. I guess I had stayed around people who do clout for showbiz so much that I stole their tactics,” said Mwamburi.

Mwamburi’s revelations come just a month after he come out guns blazing to strongly defend his imaginary mubaba. This was after netizens started pointing out that his sponsor seemed to be made up.

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But now that businessman has further shared his views on why people were not buying into the story of his life being sponsored by a mubaba. 

“I’ve never had anyone take care of me! All my life I’ve worked very hard for everything I have. I guess you all knew this and that is why you were not buying the whole Zaddy facade,” he said.

He added that he does not depend on anyone to sponsor his seemingly lavish lifestyle.

“Zaddy was purely clout. I have never depended on a man or woman for anything, I’m a hustler.”

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Mwamburi said even her close friends were shocked when she started the Zaddy narrative because they’d never heard of him.

“I was indeed shawry for imaginary Zaddy,” he said.

The renowned pastry chef also revealed that he is not dating anyone at the moment but his preference is someone younger than him.

“At this point, I think I will have to get someone who is younger than me…. especially these 18 or 19-year-old ones. These older ones always look financially stable until you date them! I’m serious, they always look like they have money until you start dating them,” he said.

“So I don’t want any more chest pains, I’m not seeing anybody at the moment,” Mwamburi reiterated.

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