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Mejja announces amicable split with his manager, Shiko

Renowned Genge musician Mejja has revealed that he and his manager, Shiko, have decided to part ways, as announced on Thursday, January 4, 2024.

In a statement, the “Punguza Ego” hitmaker said that the decision to go separate ways was mutual, and he expressed gratitude to Shiko for their time working together as a team.

“Shiko is no longer my manager. We have decided to part ways but imekuwa journey AJaab. I have nothing but respect for her. Shukran Wagenge God bless #GengeLivity #ItalLiving,” Mejja stated in the announcement.

Mejja’s professional approach to the departure has earned him a commendation from a section of his fans.

The announcement comes at a pivotal moment, as fans anticipate the release of his highly awaited album.

Concurrently, his distinctive style has secured him a lucrative deal with the renowned rum brand Captain Morgan.

This partnership designates Mejja as the lead influencer for Captain Morgan.

Over eight months, he actively engaged in Captain Morgan events, effectively communicating the brand’s essence through his influential social channels.

The Genge sensation’s music genre aligns seamlessly with Captain Morgan’s target audience, contributing to the success of the endorsement deal.

A source familiar with the arrangement stated, “When they compared the brand character, they felt he resonated with its ethos. Mejja is an accessible champion of fun, and he brings his own spice to occasions; you never miss him with his tumbler.”

Mejja joins the list of artists who have recently undergone management changes, following Otile Brown’s announcement of parting ways with his longtime manager, Joseph, aka Donself Noriega, in 2023.

In an emotional farewell, Otile expressed deep gratitude for Noriega’s significant contributions to his flourishing career, acknowledging the profound impact of their six-year collaboration.

Despite the managerial shift, Otile reassured his fans of his unwavering commitment and promised to maintain the same consistency and passion in his musical journey.

In response, Noriega expressed gratitude for the shared journey, memories, and success, extending his blessings to Otile Brown for continued success and growth.