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Michelle Ntalami’s fresh swipe at at ‘Real Housewives of Nairobi’

Michelle Ntalami, the Chief Executive of Marini Naturals, has taken a firm stand against the controversial reality show, “The Real Housewives of Nairobi.”

In a passionate post, she expressed her concerns about the exploitation, cyberbullying, and degrading portrayal of women in the show.

Ntalami has threatened legal action against the production company and the network behind the show, citing various violations and unethical practices.

“Here’s the thing about good people. They give you space and grace, until you take it too far. Now they’re more than happy to meet you halfway. So let’s go: Today I take a firm stand for myself and other women against the belittling and degrading of women in Kenya through a show that sadly profits off of this; “The Real Housewives of Nairobi.” It’s a shame to know that those in-charge of this show commercially exploit others, prioritize clicks and views over the concerns, mental health and well-being of individuals, and violate the country’s broadcasting laws,” read her post in part.

Ntalami’s grievances are directed at DampR Studios and MNET TV, the production company and network responsible for the show, respectively. She claims that D&R Studios failed to provide her with an Actor’s Consent Form, violated her intellectual property rights by using her image without her consent, and neglected to address cyberbullying and defamatory attacks against her. Despite her attempts to resolve the matter amicably, Ntalami alleges that her concerns were dismissed by the studio.

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Reasons behind Michelle Ntalami’s lawsuit against actress Minne Kariuki

Ntalami also accuses MNET TV of breaching its own Code of Conduct and violating broadcasting regulations set by the Kenyan Film Classification Board and the Communications Authority of Kenya. She claims that the network infringed upon her privacy rights and intellectual property rights, further accusing them of facilitating cyberbullying, defamation, and her commercial exploitation. Ntalami is particularly incensed that MNET TV continued to use her image in the show’s reunion episode, even after she sent a Cease & Desist Demand Letter. She refutes their claim that they invited her to the reunion and she declined.

“Your bullying and insults is what has led us here. You could have been the Queen of anything to grow your personal brand on a global show, but instead you chose ‘Queen of Shade.’ Joke’s on you. You get high off bullying and putting other women down. But soon enough, you were bound to meet the wrong one,”

Addressing her critics directly, Ntalami asserts that she will never consent to be cast as a housewife on a show that she believes degrades women, encourages bullying, damages personal brands, and jeopardizes mental health and overall well-being. She emphasizes her self-worth and respected reputation, making it clear that she will not participate in any endeavor that goes against her principles.

“I NEVER WANT TO BE CAST AS A HOUSEWIFE. I will never consent to be cast in a show that in my opinion, degrades women, advocates for bullying, damages their personal brand, social standing, mental health and overall well-being.”

In closing, Ntalami sends a clear message to those responsible for the show, stating that she is prepared to take legal action against them. Her actions reflect a growing movement to empower women, challenge harmful portrayals, and advocate for ethical standards in the entertainment industry.