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Miguna Miguna unveils his 24 year-old running mate – PHOTOS


Nairobi Governor aspirant Miguna Miguna on Saturday unveiled a former university leader as his running mate

James Karihe Gathungu, a former Laikipia University student leader, is Miguna’s running mate for the August 8 General Election.

He will be taking on the incumbent, Dr Evans Kidero, and Jubilee’s Mike Sonko.

“This candidature is distinctly different from that of Kidero and Sonko,” Mr Miguna said of his partnership with the Bachelor of Science in Statistics graduate.

“They represent the establishment and retrogression,” he added during the occasion held at a Nairobi hotel.

Mr Miguna is no doubt a colourful man, with his well-chosen words stinging his rivals and other groups alike.


He hit the limelight after he ditched former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, later penning the book Peeling Back the Mask: A Quest for Justice in Kenya in which he laid out the behind-the-scenes ongoings in the opposition leader’s office.

After he was intimidated and called a traitor over the book, Mr Miguna shot back, saying he was not scared one bit, famously remarking: “Come, Baby Come.”

On Satuday, he called Dr Kidero and Mr Sonko all manner of names, saying that they did not deserve to lead the county.


In the press conference, Mr Miguna dismissed claims that he was the weak candidate given the financial muscles of Dr Kidero and Mr Sonko.

“Money does not win elections. People do. Kenyans have functioning brains. They can tell the difference between transformative leadership and one based on impunity. And we are not afraid of anybody,” said Mr Miguna.

He added: “It is time Kenyans practised politics based on integrity of leaders. Elect visionary leaders with ideology, policy and programmes to transform the lives of the people.”

Mr Miguna, who announced his bid in March 2016, said that he had the right to run as an independent candidate.


Mr Gathungu, who had been the Director of Academic Affairs at the Laikipia University where he graduated in 2015, promised a corruption-free government if they won the gubernatorial race on August 8.

“We have to make a choice between cartels and people who want to lead this country with the integrity it deserves,” said Mr Gathungu.

He argued that in Mr Miguna, Nairobi had a perfect dose for its sickness.

“I am proud to run with a man who will be one of the great governors of this century, Miguna Miguna. Our faith that we can shape a better future is what the Nairobi dream is all about,” said Mr Gathungu.