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Miracle Baby faces criticism over lavish spending during night out

Kenyan music artist Peter Miracle Baby has come under fire for flaunting a Sh 87,930 bill spent during a night out with friends. The Mugithi and gengetone artist was called out by fans on social media, who questioned his priorities and financial choices.

In a video shared by his girlfriend Carol Katrue, Miracle Baby defended his spending, stating that he wanted to treat his friends. “Yes, where is the problem, I had friends over,” he responded to Katrue’s query about the money spent.

However, Katrue expressed her disbelief over Miracle Baby’s lavish spending, pointing out that they have a child to take care of.

She previously took to social media to ask for help to raise Sh 300,000 for Miracle Baby’s surgery to unblock his intestines.

“The only way for him to heal is to have a second surgery which is costing Sh. 300,000,” Katrue wrote in her post, which has now raised questions over the couple’s financial management.

Carol Katrue claimed that a medical facility misled them about Miracle Baby’s condition, leading them to believe that he needed urgent surgery. However, after seeking a second opinion, new doctors have overruled the need for surgery.

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Miracle Baby has had medical issues with his stomach since 2018 and had undergone surgery in the recent past. According to Katrue, the first hospital they visited suggested that Miracle Baby needed surgery due to the development of a growth.

However, they later visited another hospital in Naivasha, where doctors ruled out the need for surgery, stating that there was no growth.

Katrue had taken to Instagram to request fans to help raise Sh300,000 to cater for Miracle Baby’s treatment, which was urgently required.

However, she received only Sh1,000 in contributions, and Dennis Itumbi sent Sh10,000. Despite this, she expressed gratitude for the donations and thanked Itumbi for his contribution.

“We are grateful. I would like to acknowledge Dennis Itumbi, he sent us Sh10,000, and we are very much grateful,” she stated.

The incident has sparked a public outcry on social media, with fans expressing their disappointment in the musician’s actions.

Miracle Baby and Carol Katrue welcomed their first child together in February 2023. He has four other children with four different baby mamas.

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