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Modern Coast rescues ‘abused’ mother who asked for bus ride in boot

By Winnie Mabel October 31st, 2023 2 min read

Kenyan bus company Modern Coast came to the rescue of an abused mother of one who sought passage to Busia County from Nairobi despite not having the adequate amount to pay for her ticket.

According to a statement from the Company, accompanied by a copy of the receipt Modern Coast freely offered her, the lady named Leah had been chased from home by her violent husband who threatened to ‘finish her’ if she returned to the house.

“Yesterday Leah arrived at our Accra Road office disturbed with psychological trauma requesting us to accept her Ksh.750 bob and book her a ticket to travel from Nairobi to Busia with her child. She narrated how she was chased away from other travel service providers and being told to top up the amount for her to be issued with a ticket to Busia.

“Nimezunguka kila mahali wamekataa kunisaidia, nimeambiwa kama sina pesa za kutosha siezi katiwa ticket (I have gone around everywhere and they all refused to help me, they told me if I don’t have enough money, they won’t give me a ticket)” She said while tears rolled down her smooth, rosy cheeks,” began Modern Coast’s statement.

They added, “While at our Accra Road office, she stated that she has no where to go if we reject her request. “Mukinifukusa pia mjue sina pa kuenda nimefukuswa na bwana (If you chase me away, I don’t have anywhere to go. I have been chased away by my husband)” She was thrown out of her matrimonial home in Kawangware by her estranged husband and told not to come back again. “Amesema nikirudi, atanivunja vunja (He said if I return he will break me apart).”

According to Modern Coast, Leah went as far as requesting to be transported in the bus’ cargo hold with her 2-year-old child as long as she made it back home to Busia.

“We gave her Free of Charge (F.O.C) ticket to travel from Nairobi to Busia and returned the Ksh.750 she had. We took her upstairs to the waiting lounge to wait for the bus and also feed her child. The bus arrived later and she boarded and travelled back home to Busia and swore never again to step her feet in Nairobi,” concluded Modern Coast.

The bus company’s move warmed Kenyans hearts who wished the company blessings in their dealings.

“Bless you for this act of humanity. U have proven that humanity has not completely left mankind and that there’s still hope. Bado lipo tumaini (there is still hope),” said Lussie Amor.

“That’s an awesome act of humanity….. Nairobi and marriages have done so many people (in.) I understand her,” added Bernard Kimani.

“This is the humanity we hope for everyday. God bless you modern coast indeed you are modern 👏,” opined Fred Ogada.

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