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Mortician Ann Mwangangi livestreamed Brian Chira’s burial preparation

In a sombre ceremony today, the vibrant TikTok star Brian Chira, who tragically lost his life in a hit and run accident on March 16, is being laid to rest in Githunguri, Kiambu County.

As family, friends, and fans prepared to bid their final farewells, one individual stood out in ensuring Chira’s dignified send-off – Ann Mwangangi, a mortician at Pope Benedict Funeral Home in Nyahururu.

Ann, who shares her work on TikTok, is known for her compassionate approach to her profession, going above and beyond the call of duty.

She paid her respects to Chira by meticulously dressing him for his final journey.

Her TikTok followers, familiar with her work, witnessed her solemn task and praised her dedication to ensuring Chira’s peaceful rest.

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Ann Mwangangi
Ann Mwangangi, a mortician at Pope Benedict Funeral Home in Nyahururu, carrying the graduation gown and suit that Brian Chira will be buried in. PHOTO| POOL

In the live TikTok session, Baba Talisha, a fellow TikToker commended Ann’s efforts, acknowledging her as the best mortician for dressing Chira.

Ann, while live streaming on TikTok, reassured viewers that Chira looked smart in his attire, offering comfort to those who would bid him goodbye.

Although Chira’s head was disfigured in the accident, Ann assured her followers that the disfigurement would not be visible.

“I saw Chira in a gown and he looked good. I know Chira is happy. It’s hard kuona mtoto kama huyo life imekua snatched. It is hard. I hope those who will see him will get comforted. Those who will see him tomorrow, I hope God gives you the strength.”

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In a heartfelt video shared on TikTok, Ann spoke directly to Chira, expressing her desire to ensure he left behind the best memories for his loved ones.

Ann spoke of her team’s dedication to providing Chira with a befitting farewell, acknowledging the profound impact he had on those who mourned him.

“Dear Chira, I knew who you are even if it is not in physicality so allow me to walk into your cold room and introduce to you the team that has worked tirelessly to see you get a befitting sendoff.

Brian Chira.
Brian Chira. PHOTO| POOL

This team has done you justice Chira and as we put you into this beautiful casket with your best foot forward. I pray that when you are in heaven, you will be able to look down and appreciate the effort,” Anne said.

She added: “We have worked tirelessly to make sure that the people you loved and those that you have left behind have the best memories of you on the last day. We want the best version of Chira as you would have wanted and so allow us to make you as glamorous as possible just to have memories to hold on to. Just know that you were loved even in death and people celebrated you Chira.”

Reflecting on her career choice in a previous interview with Radio Jambo, Ann revealed that her personal tragedy, the loss of her mother, inspired her to pursue mortuary work.

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Lacking proper support during her own time of grief, she sought to provide solace to others in similar situations.

“The reason why I decided to become a mortician was because of my own tragedy. I didn’t get to grieve the right way. I was stuck and struggled for a very long time,” she said.

Brian Chira will be buried in a black suit and a graduation gown as per his grandmother’s wishes for him to symbolise his academic excellence.