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Why Otile Brown wants to perform at Brian Chira’s burial

Singer Otile Brown has extended an offer to perform at the burial ceremony of the late Brian Chira, scheduled for March 26, 2024.

Acknowledging the impact of Chira’s passing on his music, Otile expressed gratitude for the increased recognition of his song “One Call,” featuring Ruby from Tanzania, which happened to be Chira’s favorite.

“What Chira is doing to #OneCall is just crazy. His light is bright and the love is felt. Sending you love and prayers…rest well king,” Otile remarked.

Expressing his desire to honor Chira’s memory, Otile expressed his willingness to perform the song at the burial ceremony, urging attendees to learn the lyrics to sing and celebrate Chira’s life together.

In a recent tribute to Chira, Otile reminisced about the impact of “One Call” on the TikToker’s life and thanked fans for their support.

“Rest easy young King. This life thing can get crazy sometimes. I can only try to understand till we meet again,” Otile wrote, acknowledging Chira’s affinity for his song.

With over 4 million views on YouTube, “One Call” has gained significant popularity, with many attributing their discovery of the song to Chira.

During a Live on his Instagram, Otile expressed his gratitude for Chira’s appreciation of his music, Otile urged his fans to prioritize self-care in the face of life’s uncertainties.

“I was surprised at the fact that Chira loved my songs. I thought it was only right to say something. There is so much happening and life has lost meaning. You guys take good care of yourself,” Otile remarked.

According to a police report, Chira died as a result of an accident he was involved in, in the Karuri area on March, 16.

It’s reported that his body was collected from the scene on Saturday and taken to the City Mortuary at around 3 am.

Police said he was hit by a speeding car but they do not have more details on the same.

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