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Moses Kuria launches subscription based Showfa cabs

Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has reiterated the government’s commitment towards supporting local based fintech companies.

He spoke at the launch of the Showfa driver operations in Nairobi on February 20, 2023.

As a show of support, the CS used the Showfa cab to State House where he said he’d been summoned for a meeting by President William Ruto.

Mr Kuria challenged local firms to be more competitive in order to stand a chance against foreign rivals.

He pointed out that Kenya has an opportunity to rise and dominate the global stage with its technology and fintech companies.

“This is our oil, and this is our gold. We have done with the Mpesa, and we can do it again. Not just on software technology but also on all other technologies such as engineering technology, electric mobility, and all other emerging technologies,” the CS pointed out.

Showfa is the first platform in the country that seeks to boost drivers and riders by offering them a daily, and weekly affordable subscription.

Showfa Business Development Director Dhruv Rajah says that drivers will be able to pay a one-off subscription per day, unlike other platforms where they pay per trip, hence, offering them a chance to enrich their lives through savings.

“We feel that if you have a happy driver, a happy rider, the customers will flow because they know that they are giving and also empowering Kenyans for the services,” Mr. Dhruv said.

The director said that their platform is world class which has been tested and is expected to thrive in the Kenyan market and be able to compete with the established firms.

Mr Dhruv said that the advantage of the platform is that it is much safe, cheaper, and more reliable for the passengers.

Soon, according to Mr Dhruv, the platform will also launch ambulance services, where the customer can order rescue services through the application.

“We are working through some emergency services which we will announce very soon. We will have an application on the App where at the click of a button you can call an ambulance, and it will trigger the closest ambulance in your location.”

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