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MP Caroli Omondi tells Homa Bay women to only date men who can afford flights

Taking women from Homa Bay for a date could turn into a costly affair after the ladies were advised to only accept dates organised in Nairobi.

Suba South MP Caroli Omondi said having dates in the capital city is one of the ways the economy of the lake side county will grow.

He wants women to only pay attention to men who can afford air travel when going for dates

Mr Omondi said the dates should be in the capital city and the means of travel should be by air.

“When a man sends fare, tell him that you only accept air tickets and the date should be in Nairobi. There is no need to travel by car,” he said.

His idea is among many that opinion leaders are using to sustain operations at Kabunde Airstrip in Homa Bay town.

Resumption of air travel between Nairobi and Homa Bay on June 12, 2023, came amid a lot of excitement with people giving different ideas on how aviation companies can maintain operating in the route without getting losses.

Different air travel firms which tried venturing in the route between Nairobi’s Wilson Airport and Homa Bay’s Kabunde Airstrip withdrew services after realising they were getting losses.

Most of them did not get enough passengers which is uneconomical for air travel.

Amidst the challenges, Renegade Air Limited has defied the obstacles to try and conquer the region.

It had its inaugural flight on June 12, 2023, with leaders like transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen appealing to residents to use Kabunde Airstrip and support aviation companies.

Other leaders appealed for the same and promised to use the airstrip when traveling to the capital city.

The unique proposal by Mr Omondi on the sustainability by the new company will however make men dig deeper into their pockets to support operations at the airstrip.

He told women from Homa Bay to suspend local dates and instead ask for dates in Nairobi.

“Insist on air tickets when he asks whether he can send fare,” Mr Omondi said.

Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma said he will no longer use the road from parliament to his constituency.

His main motivation of using air, the MP said, are female cabin crews.

“If there is greater motivation in using air travel, it is the beautiful ladies who serve drinks in the aeroplane. I will be thinking of them and it will be motivating me to use air travel,” Mr Kaluma said.

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