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MP Millie Odhiambo savagely blasts troll after post on Indonesia sex ban

By Beth Nyambura December 7th, 2022 2 min read

Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo has blasted an online troll who said she would never be allowed into Indonesia after the country banned sex outside marriage.

Indonesia’s parliament on Tuesday banned sex outside marriage with a punishment of up to one year in jail.

Taking to her Facebook page, the member of parliament shared the information on her Facebook page attracting mixed reactions from her followers.

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A fan identified as Tedian Soti commented on the post claiming that the member of parliament together with nominated senator Karen Nyamu could not be allowed into Indonesia.

“I know you and the Youth President Karen Nyamu cannot attempt to visit Indonesia anytime soon. Resist!”

An angry Millie brutally told off the fan saying, “Especially after my last encounter with you, where you disappointed. Fanya exercise bwana to enable you to go round the field at least once.”

Away from the savary of MP Millie’s response, other fans pointed out that the laws may scare away tourists and that would harm investment in the country.

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Ken K. Okwara asked, “Why should someone want invade into my private life.”

Kelitu Kaseo added that in Ethiopia adultery is an offence in the penalty code. Adding, “Some ladies of the night thrive by sleeping with foreigners then blackmail them by calling cops on them claiming they are someone’s wife. I saw some men see fire in a foreign land.”

Frankline Orinde noted that such a law can unite Kenyans on a particular side by default. “Kenya should transition to full polygammy state to avoid the law catching up with us.”

Indonesia passed the controversial new Criminal Code though there are restrictions on who can lodge a formal complaint.

For example, the parents of children who are cohabitating before marriage have the authority to report them.

The new code, which also applies to foreign residents and tourists, bans cohabitation before marriage, and apostasy, and provides punishments for insulting the president or expressing views counter to the national ideology.

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Indonesia has seen a rise in religious conservatism in recent years.

Strict Islamic laws are already enforced in parts of the country, including the semi-autonomous Aceh province, where alcohol and gambling are banned.

Public floggings also take place in the region for a range of offences including homosexuality and adultery.

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