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MP Ndindi Nyoro hails President Ruto’s resolute action against Azimio

Kiharu Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro has showered President William Ruto with praisesfor his steadfastness in countering the Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya demonstrations.

Speaking at a rally in Kennol, Murang’a County on Saturday, August 5, 2023, Nyoro, a key figure in the ruling coalition, Kenya Kwanza, lauded President Ruto’s leadership, emphasizing his unwavering commitment to safeguarding the nation.

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The legislator commended the President’s resilience, highlighting his rise from humble beginnings to the highest office in the land, and asserting that he remains impervious to trivial criticisms.

“Our President is not a mere product; he is a resolute leader who thwarted attempts to disrupt our nation. He stood firm against their plans,” Nyoro asserted.

Elected on a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party ticket for his second term in 2022, Nyoro also acknowledged the role of the police in quelling the opposition-led nationwide protests.

The demonstrations, instigated by Azimio leader Raila Odinga, were halted, and Nyoro attributed their cessation to President Ruto’s statesmanship and resolute action.

While the protests ostensibly targeted the high cost of living, Nyoro emphasized President Ruto’s commitment to protecting businesses and property, declaring, “President Ruto has demonstrated his dedication to safeguarding our nation from destruction.”

Both Kenya Kwanza and Azimio have since formed bipartisan teams for negotiations, although the Raila Odinga-led faction has disputed the agendas for discussion.

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Leaders and politicians aligned with the Ruto-led government have accused Odinga of using the protests as a means to seek a political “handshake.”

In contrast, Odinga has disputed these claims, underscoring his primary concern about the escalating cost of living.

As the Kenya Kwanza administration continues to commend the police for their efforts in quelling the riots, there have been allegations of excessive use of force, resulting in casualties and injuries.

Opposition parties, human rights organizations, and the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) have threatened legal action against Inspector General of Police, Japhet Koome, for perceived negligence.

Azimio’s grievances also encompass the Finance Act of 2023, which proposes increased levies and taxes on essential commodities.

In his capacity as the Chair of the Budget and Appropriations Committee in the National Assembly, Ndindi Nyoro assured President Ruto of his commitment to supporting the government’s development agendas through judicious budget allocation and funding.

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