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Mummie Francie: Why I’ll cry when if my man cheats on me

By Freya Wanjiku December 29th, 2023 2 min read

TikTok star Francisca Mbaye popularly known as Mummie Francie left tongues wagging after sharing her reasons for crying if her man ever cheats on her.

In a video on TikTok, the content creator shared that her tears would not be particularly because of the heartbreak from cheating but from the many suitors whom she ignored to be with Mbaba-born Godfrey Andy.

The eloquent Swahili speaker said, “If my own Mbaba were to betray me, my tears would have their own story. I’d think back to the chip’s vendor who told me that if I, Mummie, accepted him, I would be eating chips and chicken every day and within three months I would have gained weight excessively, but I declined the offer. When I went home to my Mbaba I found that he had not earned anything. That night, I sought credit from a shop of unga and greens and cooked supper. We slept with hopes of a brighter tomorrow.”

Apart from the chip’s vendor, Mummie shares how a builder wooed her but she did not fall for his words. “If that will not make me shed tears then there is this builder who told me that if I got married to him, he would steal cement, sand, and bricks from his employers and I construct for you a house but I refused. That day as I was going home, I bumped into our landlady who wanted to lock the house since we had not paid rent. I called her names and she left but that fateful night we slept in fear because we did not know whether she would remove the door or roof.”

In her narrations, Mummie also recalled how she also rejected a car seller. “He told me Mummie, if you allow me to marry you, I will import a car for you even though it is a two-seater for you and me so that even if you use your skin-enlightening products, you will be shielded from the sun. But I turned him down. Now, I find myself riding on motorbikes through all kinds of weather – be it sunny, rainy, or windy. Everyone knows about the skin-lightening products. Each day is a battle against catching a cold or suffering from chest pains. And you think I wouldn’t shed tears if Mbaba were unfaithful? My heart holds many reasons to weep…”

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