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The honeymoon is over! Miguna trains guns on Ruto

By Mercy Simiyu December 29th, 2023 2 min read

After a publiscised political romance that lasted two years, Miguna Miguna appears to have now trained his guns on President William Ruto’s administration.

Known to fearlessly express his opinion in public, the controversial activist, in a series of messages on X (formerly Twitter) in the past few days, appears to accuse President Ruto’s government of, among other things, corruption and implementing failed politicians.

Not done, Miguna also hit out at the Head of State, accusing him of employing ‘incompetent’ people in government.

He did not substantiate.

Miguna also appeared to suggest that President Ruto, who assumed office in September 2022, had mainly appointed his friends and cronies to plum government positions.

“New governments are supposed to engender confidence in the people by being transparent, accountable, and sensitive to the people’s needs and aspirations,” wrote Miguna in a message fired on his ‘X’ platform on Boxing Day.

“The Kenya Kwanza government hasn’t done this.”

“One of the worst failures of the KK government is its penchant for appointing dead woods whose qualifications are tribe and sycophancy. That’s a tragic failure,” he added.

“The KK (Kenya Kwanza) manifesto and promises were not for one person or a small group. They were supposed to be for the well-being of 50 million Kenyans. We want to start seeing a focus on 50 million Kenyans; not a clique from one village, school, or tribe.”

In a separate message he fired on the same online platform a day later, Miguna appeared to hit out at President Ruto for appointing Renson Ingonga as the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). Without backing his facts, Miguna termed the soft-spoken Ingonga as “unqualified” for the position.

Ingonga, according to documents tabled in Parliament during his vetting, has a Degree and Masters Degree in Law. He has also served as an Advocate in the High Court of Kenya, and in various positions including the Senior Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions.

Ingonga beat Miguna and 16 other applicants to the job when President Ruto appointed him in September 2023.

“This is what happens when the most unqualified Kenyan is imposed on an important public office. He doesn’t know how to execute the functions of the office. Who even remembers the name of the Director of Public Prosecutions?” posed Miguna.

Miguna is among the politicians who claim to have backed President Ruto’s campaign ahead of the 2022 presidential elections.

Exiled to his Canada base at the time, the fiery lawyer was consistent in attacking opposition leader Raila Odinga, whom he had fallen out with, and then President Uhuru Kenyatta on social media and during media interviews.

Upon assuming office, President Ruto’s government facilitated Miguna’s return to the country.

Besides Ruto, Miguna has twice fallen out with Mr Odinga after backing his failed presidential campaigns in 2007 and 2022.

He also claimed to have voted for Uhuru in 2017 only to turn around and heavily criticise him for ‘stealing Mr Odinga’s victory’ weeks later.

President Ruto meanwhile, has in recent times faced public backlash from several quarters mainly over the high cost of living in the country.

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