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Mungu mbele! Janet Museveni shares update on husband’s health

Uganda’s First lady Janet Museveni has opened up on his husband’s health.

President Yoweri Museveni recently announced he had contracted Covid-19 and has since been on self-isolation.

Mama Janet, as the First Lady is commonly referred to, attributed the Covid-19 infection to the ‘work of the enemy’ trying to harm her husband whom she referred to as ‘a servant of God’.

She has also thanked friends for praying for her family.

“Thank you for standing in the gap,” the First Lady, who tested negative, explained in a statement.

“especially for your President, because the enemy, who has never known that he was defeated at the cross when Jesus said ‘it is finished’, is still trying to harm the servant of God. However, he has no chance because that battle was won by the Lord on that day. And by His stripes, all of us are healed, and we stand strong and whole, forevermore!”

President Museveni has been documenting his journey to recovery each day via Twitter.

Meanwhile, the announcement that President Museveni had contracted Covid-19 came as a shock, as he has not only been wearing a mask in most of his functions but also practicing social distancing.

Museveni, who has ruled Uganda for close to four decades, is vaccinated against the disease.

He is often seen seated alone and at a distance on the lawn of his office when meeting visitors.

The ailment has led him to take ‘forced leave’ and delegated his work for two days (June 8 and 9, 2023) to Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja.

He explained that he had been ‘very cautious with corona’ but recently had to give up on facemasks because they were causing him allergic reactions in the eyes and the throat.

“Do you remember when I lost my voice twice during the elections? That is part of the allergy. I have, therefore, got the second forced leave in the last 53 years, ever since 1971, when we started fighting Idi Amin. One other time, was when I had a problem of sinuses and I had to lie low for some days at Mweya,” he tweeted.

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