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Kuteseka in kwa muda! Rigathi Gachagua asks Kenyans to support Ruto

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has asked Kenyans to be patient and understanding as the government explores innovative strategies to stimulate the country’s economic growth.

Speaking on Sunday June 11, 2023 at the Nyahururu Anglican Church of Kenya in Laikipia County, Gachagua explained it is necessary for the government to at times make difficult and unpopular decisions for the betterment of its citizens.

While urging Kenyans to show their support for the government, the DP highlighted that once the National Parliament passes the proposed Financial Bill, it will generate funds to facilitate various development projects.

“Our current debt stands at Sh9.6 trillion. The solution is simple: we must collect revenue to construct roads and provide clean water. Borrowing more is not an option as we lack the means to service our debt,” he explained.

He noted that, “the Kenya Kwanza administration is genuinely concerned and has good intentions for the country. We cannot let our people suffer because we have comprehensive plans for their prosperity.”

This is not the first time Gachagua is telling Kenyans to brace themselves for difficult moments ahead.

On June 9,2023, he asked Kenyans to tighten their belts for hard times and expect the economy to improve after two years.

“The greatness of a leader is to make hard decisions. We found a dilapidated economy and empty coffers and President Ruto must make hard decisions to turn around the economy. The little noise is okay for us and in the next two years, Kenyans will know how we endeavored to liberate the country,” Gachagua said.

Currently prices of various commodities have doubled making the majority of Kenyans unable to put food on the table.

Currently the following brands sell their 2 kilogram maize meal flour packets at Amaize (Sh 250), Pembe (Sh 227), Jogoo (Sh 235), Soko (Sh 230), Mama (Sh 220) and Raha at Sh 269.

Besides, Kenyans will likely pay more for goods and services in the near future, as the government has proposed increased taxes in the Financial Bill which is under debate at Parliament.

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