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‘My life is in danger’ – Wife of man abducted by masked men speaks out

Ms Naomie Borani, the wife of a man who was forcibly abducted from his home in Imara Daima Estate on May 31 by a group of four masked men accompanied by a woman, now fears for her life.

She told Nairobi News that the same shadowy figures had been following her.

In a police report filed at Ongata Rongai Police Station in Kajiado County, Ms Borani, wife of Mr Martin Nganar Kamanga, said she noticed a Probox car following her twice before it disappeared.

The matter was reported at the station under Occurrence Book (OB) number 40/17/06/2023.

Nairobi News contacted Ms Borani, who is now in hiding, and she agreed to an interview.

However, she was very cautious when reporters arrived where she was.

Ms Borani seemed worried and kept asking a friend to check on a vehicle that was honking outside the gate of the apartment where she is now staying.

We cannot reveal her whereabouts due to the sensitivity of the matter.

“The first day I took my son to school, I noticed a car following me. We entered the school and when we left, the vehicle was still behind us,” Ms Borani, who is now in hiding, told Nairobi News.

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According to her, the Probox car later left but returned early the following day when she dropped her son off at school.

Ms Borani wonders why the vehicle has been following her and now fears that the people who abducted her husband are following her because she has been vocal about her missing husband.

“I have noticed the same vehicle following me twice and I am now wondering who these people are,” she said.

Nairobi News has also established that Ms Borani and Mr Kamanga, the missing husband, were co-parenting after their relationship did not work out.

On May 18, 2023, Mr Kamanga had informed a friend that he had been picked up by men who introduced themselves as officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), who confiscated his mobile phone, laptop, and identity card.

13 days later, Mr Kamanga was picked up by unidentified men wearing face masks and has not been seen since.

He has disappeared without a trace, leaving his family in deep distress.

Prior to this chilling abduction, Mr Kamanga had never faced any threats or hostile situations, his wife told Nairobi News in an early interview.

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The disturbing connection between these events has raised alarming questions about the motives behind his disappearance.

The family told this reporter that Mr Kamanga, a businessman who owned a clearing and forwarding company called ADL Cargo on Mombasa Road, had never received any threats to his life.

“My husband has no criminal record as far as I know because he has never been charged in court. There is not a single day that he has been arrested for anything,” his wife said in an early interview.

On the day he was picked up, a woman entered the apartment where he lives in Imara Daima and asked to speak to the caretaker.

According to his wife, the woman then asked the caretaker if they had an empty house in the complex, and when he said yes, she excused herself, saying she wanted to call her husband, who was waiting in a car parked outside the complex.

The woman, who had not yet introduced herself, returned a few minutes later accompanied by four well-built men who instructed the caretaker to take them to the house where Mr Kamanga lived.

He was then bundled into a waiting Probox van, the last they heard or saw of him.

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