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My nasty experience with a roommate from hell

By Whiters March 3rd, 2019 2 min read

You really love your best friend and you think you can make good roommates, right? Wrong! That is possibly the worst mistake you can ever make in your entire life.

Well, it all began in the first year of campus, naïve freshmen with no idea whatsoever of how campus life is so we becoming friends was the only survival tactic available.

Living in a hostel of about eleven girls, we came from all sorts of backgrounds but we had to accept each other because we were going to be under the same roof for at least one year. Because some of us reported earlier than others we had already bonded making the late comers feel left out.

“Can I please spend the night here with you? I don’t seem to be getting along with my roommates. Must be the make up or something,” those were the words that marked the beginning of a “beautiful friendship”, well at least for some time it was beautiful.

So here I was with this girl, inseparable, always laughing and making bad choices together, not even thinking about the consequences of our actions. And yes, I was beginning to have the time of my life!


All was well until we decided to share a room. We thought that was the best decision until whatever happened, happened.

We have all been brought up differently, that is well understood but some things don’t even require bringing up. For instance, cleaning up where you have left. I mean you just can’t have a meal and leave your plate on the table for up to three days!

I was always afraid of telling my roommate to clean up because I didn’t want to offend her and lose our friendship. And that’s a mistake I wouldn’t want anyone to make, not at any point of life. Don’t ever go through hell when whoever you are protecting doesn’t even care about you and how you feel.


So I lived with my best friend for one semester, that’s about three months with a lot of perseverance. So when I talk about “roommate from hell” here is what I mean.

Let’s call her Mia. Mia had bad drinking and smoking habits. She would come with her friends of the same character, make noise all night, dirtify the house and all dishes, and use as much water as possible for no realistic purpose. I mean I was practically the house help for a whole semester.

I tried my level best to hold my complaints just so that I don’t mess up our friendship but I couldn’t take it anymore. When I eventually decided that enough was enough that is how I lost my roommate, my best friend, my confidant.

I tried to free myself from oppression in the nicest way possible but not everyone wants to be corrected.

My advice is, don’t be roommates with your best friend while in campus, you might end up losing your friendship instead.