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Mysterious monied TikToker gifter, King Roso, adresses ‘wash wash’ allegations

A mysterious figure known only as King Roso has emerged on TikTok and he is gaining fame for gifting TikTokers with exorbitant prices that cost more than Sh 50,000.

Recently, he has stepped into the spotlight to confront accusations of involvement in money laundering activities.

King Roso garnered widespread attention for his lavish acts of generosity, his signature gifts, often comprising rare and high-value lions, have left recipients and spectators alike in awe of his magnanimity.

The lion, a symbol of strength and majesty, serves as the primary currency of King Roso’s generosity, with each gift costing a staggering 29,999 coins, equivalent to approximately KSh 53,000.

In a notable instance, King Roso stunned TikToker Nyako by presenting her with 70 lions worth over Sh1.5 million on her birthday.

In the wake of this grand gesture, Nyako remarked: “King Roso is a pseudo. No one knows King Roso’s real name or identity apart from me and J Lo,” in a past live video.

Beyond the realm of digital gifting, King Roso has also demonstrated a commitment to charitable causes.

Recently, he contributed over Sh 850,000 to Brian Chira’s funeral fundraiser, aiding the family in giving their departed loved one a dignified sendoff.

Despite his acts of kindness, rumours and speculations have swirled around King Roso, with some alleging involvement in money laundering schemes.

However, in a recent live session, he vehemently denied these accusations.

“This is my final time speaking. I can’t talk on TikTok anymore, not even to say hello. This message should reach any man or woman who goes live at night to insult me, shut up. Wash Wash, I haven’t conned you,” he asserted, dispelling notions of wrongdoing.

With 71.2K followers and 171.3K likes, King Roso continues to reign over the TikTok landscape, his enigmatic persona captivating the imagination of many.

In his profile photo, he boldly describes himself as the “king of Kings.”


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