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Nairobi tenant arrested for shooting landlord over rent receipt

Police in Nairobi’s Makadara are holding a man who shot and injured his landlord on Monday after an altercation over rent.

Mr Peter Muinde, 78, who is a licensed firearm holder, shot Protus Ochieng, 34, at South Gate estate in South B moments after he locked his house over rent arrears.

“The two met outside the rental property and Mr Muinde paid the landlord. Immediately after he paid the arrears, he started demanding a receipt which Mr Ochieng did not have with him,” Makadara police chief Nehemiah Lagat said.


He said even after shooting Mr Ochieng and injuring his right hand, Mr Muinde chased away neighbours who came to see what the shooting was about.

“We arrested him and confiscated his pistol, which was loaded with 11 bullets. He is currently in our custody and we expect to arraign him on Wednesday,” Mr Lagat said.

On Tueday, the suspect spent the better part of the day recording a statement at the police station.

His gun was being examined by ballistic investigators. Police also took the spent cartridge from the scene of the shooting.


Mr Ochieng was taken to the South B Hospital where surgeons removed the bullet lodged in his arm.

He was discharged from the hospital.

According to the National Gun Owners Association of Kenya, there are more than 6,000 registered gun owners in the country.