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Nairobians to pay more for water starting next week

Residents of Nairobi should brace themselves for increased water bills starting next week following the expiry of a one-month notice by the service provider.

The Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company will charge a fixed rate of Sh 204 for households consuming less than six cubic metres per month.

Those consuming from seven cubic metres to 60 will pay Sh 53 per cubic metre while establishments consuming over 60 cubic metres will pay Sh 64 per cubic metre.

The increased charges will also affect those paying water deposits as they will be required to part with Sh2,500.

Monthly metre rents will also be increased with the least charge for the half inch metre being Sh50, three-quarters inches Sh 100, Sh 250 for one to two inches and Sh 450 for three inches.


The new rates were gazzeted by the water provider on October 2 with a one-month notice issued to consumers before they are effected.

Water kiosks will also be required to resell water at a rate of one shilling per 20 litre container as the provider will have supplied to them at Sh 30 per cubic metre.

Those purchasing from water vending machines will be required to pay 50 cents for a 20 litre container.

“Resale tariff to be displayed prominently next to the kiosks and ATM water dispenser for consumer awareness,” the gazette notice read.

New water connection charges for metres of half and one inch will be Sh 2,500, those connecting metres of up to three inches will be required to pay Sh 7,500 while metres above three inches will pay Sh 15,000.

Illegal connections by establishments will attract a Sh 100,000 fine along with the estimated consumption bill while households that engage in illegal connection will be fined Sh 30,000 along with the estimated bill.