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Nameless versus Wahu! Who made the first move?

Celebrity couple David Mathenge, popularly known as Nameless, and his wife Wahu Kagwi have shared intimate details of their enduring love story.

In a candid interview on KTN, Nameless reminisced about the moment when Wahu first approached him after his debut performance.

“She is the one who approached me,” he revealed.

“She came to me and tapped me on the shoulder and said that was a good show. That is how I knew she loved me.”

However, Wahu interjected, revealing her initial judgment of Nameless based on his attire.

“He has always said I approached him but that is not true. I looked at him and judged him. He had a small brown tight jacket, and I thought, we don’t dress like that.”

Despite their initial impressions, Nameless and Wahu’s chemistry blossomed from the moment they met.

“I thought she was beautiful and nice,” Nameless recalled.

“I was taken aback by her eyes, and at that point, we started as friends, and I got to know her from that day. It was always like an instant chemistry.”

Their love story has stood the test of time, with the couple celebrating 18 years of marriage in September 2023.

Nameless took to social media to express his gratitude for their journey together, acknowledging the highs and lows they’ve navigated as a team.

“Today we celebrate 18 years of marriage,” he wrote.

“Our marriage has grown into adulthood! We can’t help but reflect with gratitude on a journey of great highs and lows, memorable joys, and unfortunate pains that we have shared.”

However, Nameless also opened up about the challenges they faced in the early years of their marriage, including doubts and misunderstandings.

“The first year of marriage, I was like Kwani I made a mistake,” he confessed.

Seeking guidance, the couple underwent counseling, ultimately realising that their struggles were normal and surmountable.

In a bold move aimed at self-improvement and relationship growth, Nameless revealed that he temporarily moved out of their home, allowing both him and Wahu to focus on personal development and introspection.

“There was a time I moved out at some point,” he shared.

“It wasn’t as dramatic, but it came at a time we could focus on things. It forced us to focus on our issues.”

Throughout their journey, Nameless emphasized the importance of self-care and seeking support from trusted confidants.

“The more you understand yourself, the more you will be good to others,” he emphasized. “You have to reinvent yourself; you can’t be the same, utabore mtu.”

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