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Nandi teachers in trouble for eating ‘board of management’s’ meal

Three high school teachers in Nandi county have been interdicted for being disorderly after storming the institution’s kitchen and eating food meant for the Board of management.

The trio is also accused of storming the institutions principal’s offices opened the fridge and ate “Banana’s and packets of milk, Bottles of Soda” reserved for visitors.

The teachers were handed with their interdiction letters by the deputy county director TSC, W.O. Mosigisi following complaints.

“You stormed the principal’s office on 15/03/2023 round 1.30 pm without permission and ate all the bananas and milk in the fridge. You stormed the school kitchen and forced the cateress to serve you chicken which was meant for the visitors,” reads the letter by the official.

The teachers from Lelmokwo high school in also demanded the removal of the school principal Mathew Korir claiming he was an outsider hence not welcomed.

The principal has since been moved as the three teachers who caused drama face interdiction.

They were found to be in breach with the T.S.C code of conduct by their behaviors which were in full glare of the students.

The teachers were accused of ejecting a teacher named Mr. Manasseh while teaching students inside the classroom.

The three teachers reportedly claimed that they were well connected with certain individuals in government and that no authority could discipline them.

At the time of the incident, a board of management meeting was in session at the institution’s hall and the members watched in disbelief as the three sang war songs.

The school is under sponsorship of the Africa inland Church, they demanded the board while shouting that the principal be moved to his Kericho county and leave Lelmokwo high school.

However, Teachers Union, the Kenya Union of post primary education teachers led by the branch executive secretary Paul Rotich dismissed the interdiction saying the three rogue members should have been given a hearing.

“They should have been heard before being interdicted because they could have been having a genuine issue at the school,” Rotich said.

Rotich demanded that the three teachers be reinstated unconditionally by TSC.

The principal has since been transferred to a school in South rift valley as their employer cracks the whip of the three.

A school PTA official who is also a parent and a member of A.I.C Paul Keino welcomed TSC action saying the name of the head of state should not be used to intimidate and harass anyone particularly teachers.

“Lelmokwo is a big school with a rich history and appeals to the government to take decisive action against trouble makers because as parents we want harmony and results in our school” Keino added.

The three are expected to defend themselves in writing within 21 days and report to the nearest TSC offices once a month and asked to vacate their school premises until their case is heard and determined by the commission.

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