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Nataka Kunyonywa! Embarambamba back with controversial gospel hit

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 24th, 2023 2 min read

Kisii gospel singer Chris Embarambamba, known for his provocative style, has once again ignited discussions among his online followers with his latest track.

In this trending song, Embarambamba humorously conveys his desire for a divine encounter with God, using unconventional language.

Embarambamba adds his desire for His cleansing embrace.

The catchy chorus of the song amusingly repeats:

“I want to be licked. I want God to lick both sides. I need to be licked. Who will lick me? God is everything. He will lick all your sins.”

Embarambamba’s fans have raised questions regarding the intended message of his gospel-themed song.

Maragoli Bae commented, “This man is quite unique in his approach to gospel music.”

Vero Muchiri added, “He hails from Tanzania, for those who were wondering about his background.”

Yuankeen opined, “Embarambamba knows how to capture his audience’s attention with his distinct style and choice of words.”

Kwin_Bee: Was the kumwaga white stuff at the end really necessary?”

yuankeen: this man is at work,,so he’s just selecting “words”that will excite his listeners and also to grab attention


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In a past interview with Nairobi News, Embarambamba emphasized his commitment to entertaining his followers by creating dramatic videos.

“I am not doing well. That is why you have been seeing me do a lot of dramatic videos to keep entertaining my followers. Some were worried if I am okay but ni stress.”

He assured his fans that he is okay but acknowledged that he is stressed.

Recently, Embarambamba caused a stir on social media with a video in which he wore a tiny beige miniskirt and performed a cheeky dance for the camera.

Dressed in vibrant red sneakers and a matching top, he joyfully showcased the idiosyncrasies that initially made him popular among his audience.

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In response to the video and the criticism it garnered, Embarambamba defended his approach.

“This is comedy in the gospel. Being a devout Christian doesn’t mean I cannot incorporate humor into my content. Furthermore, if I don’t create content that attracts my followers, nobody will support me.”

The artist also highlighted that his home community is accustomed to his unique style and performances.

They fully embrace his dances, even in unconventional settings or when he wears unconventional outfits such as a skirt.