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Kate Actress claps back at son’s custody claims

The recent separation of Catherine Kamau, known as Kate Actress, and Philip Karanja, also known as Phil the Director, has taken an unexpected twist that has the gossip mill running at full throttle.

Contrary to initial reports, Kate Actress is vehemently denying rumors her son has chosen to stay with Phil after their separation.

The celebrity power couple made headlines when they announced their separation earlier last week, emphasizing their commitment to maintaining their friendship, business partnership, and co-parenting responsibilities. This revelation sent shockwaves through their fanbase, as the duo had been a beloved fixture in the entertainment world.

Before Kate met Phil on the set of the popular TV show ‘Mother In Law’ back in 2012-2013, she already had a son. The couple later welcomed a daughter in December 2019, further solidifying their bond.

However, recent claims by an anonymous blogger have thrown a shadow of doubt over their seemingly amicable separation.

This past week, the anonymous blogger alleged that Kate’s son had chosen to live with Phil after the separation, leaving Kate to care for their daughter alone.

Kate Actress was quick to respond to these shocking claims, dismissing them outright with a fiery, “This is rubbish!” posted on her social media.

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Despite the blogger’s claims, Kate and Phil issued a joint statement on Tuesday reiterating their amicable separation and urging the public to respect their privacy during this challenging time. They had made it clear that their decision was not sudden and had been reached after careful consideration.

However, the plot thickened on Wednesday when some social media users started speculating that the entire separation could be a staged drama for attention. The catalyst for this speculation was a cheeky post made by Phil’s business associate and close friend, Abel Mutua, on Instagram.

Abel’s post insinuated that he too had severed ties with Phil, citing their “vehicular differences” as the reason for parting ways. He humorously stated, “We have come to the conclusion that going our separate ways is best for both of us. This is due to our vehicular differences. Associating with a BMW owner has taken a toll on me, and we wish that you please respect our decision. Signed Mkuru and Phil.”

In response, both Kate and Phil shared laughing emojis, seemingly making light of the situation.

This unexpected twist has left fans and gossip enthusiasts wondering if there’s more to the separation than meets the eye, and whether the alleged decision of Kate’s son to stay with Phil is a genuine choice or part of a bigger narrative.

As the drama continues to unfold, the entertainment world is abuzz with speculation, and fans are eagerly awaiting further developments in the Kate Actress and Phil saga. Will this separation prove to be as amicable as it appears, or is there more drama hidden beneath the surface? Only time will tell, and we’ll be here to bring you all the latest updates on this riveting celebrity story.