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‘Nation’ editor robbed at gun point after withdrawing cash from ATM

A Saturday Nation editor was on Wednesday night robbed at gun point within Nairobi’s CBD.

Jackson Mutinda had just left work at around 9pm and was heading towards Bus Station, when he realised that he did not have enough cash on him for his bus fare.

He then walked towards Kencom to look for an ATM where he could withdraw some money.

“The street was deserted and I could only see one or two people trying to rush to their various destinations. I withdrew Sh2,000, put the money in my wallet and walked out of the ATM lobby,” Mr Mutinda told Nairobi News.

A few meters to Afya Centre, four men suddenly pounced on him pinning him to a corner with a gun pressed to his stomach.

One of them then ordered him to surrender the money he had withdrawn from the ATM.

“They stalked me from the ATM and it seems they were waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack me. I was pinned to some rails with a gun to my stomach and they asked for the cash I’d withdrawn. The one with the gun had cop written all over him,” Mutinda narrated.

The thugs also robbed him of his wristwatch and iPhone.

However, they were “generous” enough to give Mr Mutinda his ATM, ID and Insurance cards back and Sh50 to “use as bus fare”.