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Netflix star Bilal: Sometimes I lose myself in the characters I portray

‘Uradi’ actor Mwaura Bilal has explained the challenges he faces when disconnecting from the characters he portrays in his acting career.

In an interview with Nairobi News, the father of four talked about the demanding nature of the industry, revealing how immersing himself in various roles often blurs the lines between fiction and reality.

“It has become a struggle because I tend to carry these people a lot,” Bilal confessed.

He highlighted the relentless pace of the industry, where there’s hardly any downtime between engaging roles.

“The way our industry is, you cannot take time off from acting. Sometimes I go home wondering who exactly am I,” he admitted.

To cope with this struggle, Bilal says he adopts physical activities like walking and intense workouts to release the energy accumulated from portraying diverse characters.

“I walk a lot and that has helped me. I also work out very much to release the energy. And while walking, I see different things and then my brain starts coming together.”

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Bilal reminisced about his breakthrough role in a theatre tour alongside Mumbi Kaigwa in 2010.

“I started in theatre and then transitioned into public shows, and for me, that is what opened up to the possibilities of art,” he recalled fondly.

Bilal also discussed his debut as a lead actor in ‘Uradi,’ emphasizing its significance in his acting journey.

“Uradi was the first film where I featured as a lead actor,” he proudly stated.

The actor shared insights into his 14-year journey in the industry, acknowledging the importance of facing challenges and embracing growth opportunities.

From his humble beginnings in screen work to his current status, where he no longer auditions, Bilal expressed gratitude for his career progression.

Currently, Bilal can be seen on Maisha Magic’s ‘Haki Mwitu’ and Netflix’s ‘Mpakani,’ where he portrays characters vastly different from his real-life persona.

Despite playing “bad boy” roles, Bilal assured fans that his on-screen personas are merely performances, contrasting with his calm demeanour off-screen.