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New twist in Ali Kiba’s messy divorce

Tanzanian superstar Ali Kiba has added a fresh twist to his alleged refusal to sign divorce papers that his Kenyan wife Amina Khalef badly needed.

Last month, Amina went berserk on her Instagram stories accusing AliKiba of holding him at ransom by refusing to sign the divorce documents.

Few days later, while on a media briefing in Kenya, Ali Kiba responded to his wife’s claims, maintaining that signing those papers shouldn’t be a problem.

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However Alikiba has now changed his tone, appearing to suggest that his wife was having a bad day when he made the post.

“To be honest this is a personal matter, my marriage affairs don’t concern everybody. However, the truth is, in every month, there are five days that a woman will have to disagree with her man no matter how peaceful you guys will be, I hope you understand what I mean,” he explained.

“She will always find the pettiest reason to disagree with you. After that she will be perfectly fine and that’s why we are advised to exercise wisdom while living with them. That’s all I will have to say about this matter,” Ali Kiba says.

Alikiba wedded his wife in 2019 in a pomp and colorful affair but his marriage started showing cracks after two years.

Amina has constantly accused the singer of disrespecting her with allegations of infidelity on the singer’s part coming up every time.

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