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Nigerian actor Kanayo gives son stern warning on tattoos as he heads to the US

Nollywood actor Anayo Modestus Onyekwere MFR, popularly known as Kanayo O. Kanayo, has sent a stern warning to his son as he prepares to study in the United States.

The talented actor expressed his love and support for his son, offering a heartfelt prayer and words of guidance before his departure.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, Kanayo O. Kanayo expressed his belief that his son’s achievements would make America proud and lead to celebration.

With a father’s pride shining through, the 61-years-old Nigerian actor encouraged his son to embrace the positive aspects of the country and prioritize his education and career.

In particular, Kanayo emphasized the importance of remaining focused and not getting distracted by tattoos, urging his son to stay true to his upbringing.

He emphasized the need to remember God and remain under His guidance throughout this new journey.

The actor’s genuine concern for his son’s well-being and future success was evident as he delivered his message.

Kanayo also offered a prayer for his son to retain his sexuality, hoping that he would navigate this new chapter of his life with grace and good fortune.

Kanayo wrote on his Instagram:

“America will be proud of you. Your achievements will cause America to celebrate you. You will imbibe the good of the land and eat the good thereof.

You will continue to be a HE from Ezinihitte Mbaise in Nigeria. Your focus shall be on your books and job, NOT ON TATTOOS.

May you never depart from your upbringing. Do not forget God. You shall ever remain on God’s Radar and GPS. Good luck, boy.”

Kanayo is one of the biggest names in the Nigerian film industry as an actor, writer and producer. His acting career spans four decades and he is best known for Family Battle (2005), Apaye (2014) and Up North (2018).  He has over 176 film titles to his name. Two more titles- Charlie and the Boys and Finding Odera- are the two films that are upcoming.

Among his film nominations and awards are the best actor in a supporting role (nominee, 2019) and best actor in a leading role (nominee 2014, nominee 2008 and winner 2006)- all from the African Movie Academy Awards.

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