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Nigerian actor Mr Ibu’s family tussle over medical contributions

Tensions are escalating within the family of popular Nigerian actor Mr Ibu as allegations emerge that his second wife, Stella Maris Okafor, has been denied access to funds donated for the actor’s medical expenses.

The actor’s children, caught in a feud with Stella, are accused by her of attempting to oust her from the family.

Stella took to social media to express her frustration, claiming that she lacks access to the donation account, which she alleges is controlled by the actor’s adopted daughter, Jazmine.

In a public statement, Stella Maris vehemently refuted claims against her, stating:

“I will address Jazmine’s excessive interference in my family affairs and other related matters when the time is right. For now, my husband’s health is most important to me.”

She clarified the N1 million (KSh 189,427.25 ) donation mentioned.

“The N1m donation they talked about was paid into my account on my husband’s instruction (and in his presence) to offset some bills at the home front.”

Expressing her frustration, Stella demanded access to the donation account.

“I cannot access the main Access bank account where people make donations. Jazmine is secretly controlling it, yet she is cooking up all kinds of lies and propaganda against me to keep absolute control of that account.”

However, Mr Ibu’s son, Daniel Okafor, refuted Stella Maris’s claims, asserting that he is in charge of the account.

“There is no truth in what Stella Maris has been sharing online. Jasmine does not have access to that account; I have access to it. I am the signatory to the account and my father’s next of kin.”

Daniel clarified that Stella Maris is his stepmother, and the actor’s wife is currently unavailable.

The Nollywood actor underwent a life-altering surgery to amputate one of his legs in November 2023.

News first emerged a month to the surgery that the veteran actor was facing a serious health crisis, which prompted an urgent call for financial assistance to support his medical treatment.

Mr. Ibu’s health status has triggered diverse responses from the actor’s fans, who believe that Nollywood should take more substantial measures to guarantee the financial well-being of seasoned actors.

In February, Stella apologised to his adopted daughter Jasmine after accusing her husband of being in a romantic relationship with his daughter.

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