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Nitakujengea nyumba! MP Salaysia vows to help Stivo Simple Boy

Mumias East Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Salasya recently made a heartfelt pledge to assist struggling musician Stivo Simple Boy in obtaining a home of his own,

The lawmaker expressed his support for the artist during a video interaction, where they discussed his living arrangements and aspirations.

Stivo Simple Boy revealed he had been residing with his former manager but desired to become independent.

“I would request you to help me build back home, get me a house and furniture, and help me have a business.”

The lawmaker then undertook to rent the musician a house and furnish it.

“I will rent you a house, pay rent, get some furniture, my advise to you is you should start getting your own shows and be a man on your own,” Salaysia said.

During their conversation, Salasya expressed concern about individuals had exploited Stivo’s fame for personal gain.

“I have seen so many people meeting this guy, coming and going, how do you call a person to give him a million yet you are not a millionaire? They are just using your name to trend.”

Salasya emphasized his willingness to help build a permanent home for the musician in his hometown and rent him a suitable residence in Nairobi.

Salasya assured Stivo that he understood the challenges of humble beginnings, having come from a similar background himself.

This generous offer comes after a recent incident involving comedian Oga Obinna, who alleged his attempt to help Stivo Simple Boy secure a job had been unsuccessful.

Obinna claimed he had facilitated a business deal with a betting company, which had promised Stivo a one-year contract to alleviate his financial struggles.

However, Stevo failed to attend the interview scheduled by the company, leading to disappointment for both Obinna and potential employers.

Expressing his disappointment in Stivo, his management, and a friend, Oga Obinna vented his frustration, sharing a recorded phone conversation with Stivo, in which the artist explained his absence by stating he was engaged in an interview with a local YouTuber.

Obinna expressed his dismay, stating:

“Helping Kenyan celebrities is a tough job. It is not a job for people who are faint-hearted. 99% of the celebrities I have tried to help and secure bags for have disappointed me. What is wrong with us? The main thing that is ailing the entertainment industry is indiscipline.”

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