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Why Raila Odinga donned shorts at Homa Bay event

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party leader Raila Odinga took a break from his usual busy political schedule to engage in a cultural event.

In Homa Bay, Mr Odinga graced the Piny Luo extravaganza, a socio-cultural event that brought together Luo political leaders, elders and other residents from the four Luo Nyanza counties.

He engaged in different activities that were meant to promote the culture of this community including traditional sports, tales among others.

On every occasion, the former prime minister had a set of clothes he put on.

However what stood out was his dressing code on Saturday morning.

Mr Odinga arrived at Achich beach in Homa Bay town donning a pair of shorts, sport shoes, navy blue shirt and a white cap.

It is unusual for the ODM leader to be seen in shorts in public.

However, his choice of putting on like that had an advantage because of the day’s activities.

At the beach, Mr Odinga was first entertained by a group of children from Migori who were singing a luo traditional song.

He danced alongside them as they hailed praises at local political leaders.

Later Mr Odinga boarded a speed boat to watch a boat race in the lake.

Perhaps his choice of putting on shorts was to avoid inconvenience if water spilled into the boat.

Different counties were competing in boat racing and the ODM leader was the one flagging them off.

He also cheered as they were going around the beach before getting to the finish line.

Other activities that were held on the beach include traditional wrestling where men from the four Nyanza counties competed.

A pair of men would go to a square ring made from sand and each would struggle to pin his opponent down to win the competition.

Mr Odinga then declared winners by holding their hands up like its is done in a boxing match.

From the beach, the ODM leader moved to Homa Bay High School to witness unveiling of the ninth ker (leader of the Luo Council of Elders).

He stepped out of the car while putting on white pair of trousers and a black and white shirt.

Mr Odinga still had his sports shoes on.

At the school, the former prime minister gave a brief history of the unity of the community before proceeding to Raila Odinga Homa Bay stadium to watch a football match between Gor Mahia FC and Luo United.

He later boarded a helicopter from the middle of the pitch and left the venue.

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