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NMS delays launch of Green Park terminus

By Collins Omulo December 16th, 2020 2 min read

The Green Park bus terminus in Nairobi will, when completed, boost modern amenities including a restaurant and a supermarket, Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) Director-General Mohammed Badi has said.

The terminus is part of five new terminus constructed by NMS to aid in relocation of matatus from Nairobi City centre.

Located at Railways club in Nairobi, it will also consist of a police station and a dispensary and is expected to be ready for use by the new year.

Major General Badi said the terminus, which is now close to completion, besides having the other amenities, will also be fitted with a solar energy system to provide lighting at the terminal as well as garden beds set around the terminus.

He explained that the police station will be used to provide security to ensure safety of both commuters, matatu personnel and staff.

The dispensary will on the other hand offer medical assistance in cases of health emergencies at the stage.

“The dispensary is done and we are currently looking for funds to equip it. Once the terminus is launched, the dispensary will be running,” said Mr Badi.

The NMS boss said his administration has already advertised for the contract for the setting up of a modern restaurant and a mini-supermarket.

The restaurant and mini-supermarket will serve hundreds of commuters and matatu personnel who will be using the terminus which will serve public service vehicles (PSVs) plying Ngong Road and Lang’ata Road including Kawangware, Kikuyu, Kibera, Lang’ata, Rongai and Kiserian as their pick-up and drop-off point.

“Two modern abolition blocks will also be set up at Green Park, one at the drop-off point and another at the pick-up point. They will be set up in a manner that will be conducive for everyone including the physically challenged and children,” he said.

Maj-Gen Badi said they were to launch the terminus on Monday (December 14, 2020) but it was postponed with construction still underway.

He explained that the work has been delayed due to infusion of modern designs, consultation with stakeholders in the transport sector as well as the time it took to pull down structures at the former lunar park consuming a lot of time.

“When we entered the Lunar Park, some traders who were onsite had semi-permanent structures so we negotiated with them to bring down their own structures to avoid damage and they took their sweet time,” said Mr Badi.

“NMS also wanted modern designs that would match the old Kenya Railways building that is situated there and had to consult further with the landowners on the final design of the terminus that had to be in sync with the old building design. That is why there has been a delay,” he added.

Early this month, NMS announced that the new termini will be electronically integrated with a digital platform ensuring that commuters have access to a digital platform to determine when to take trips to and from termini.

This will ensure commuters and matatu operators stay updated of the time the last-mile buses will be at the different pick-up stages.

The Buses will be available for passengers who will prefer not to walk from the termini to the city centre and vice-versa while commuters can also use the Non -Motorised Transport Corridors (NMT) which have both cycle ways and walk ways to and from the CBD.

“The new terminus (Green Park) will be a pilot for the other termini that are also expected to be completed before the CBD matatu ban becomes effective,” said Maj-Gen Badi.

The other termini are Desai and Park Road, Workshop Road, Fig Tree and Muthurwa.