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Noc-K launches sprinters program

The National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOC-K) has launched a Sprinters Program, signaling a significant step forward in Team Kenya’s journey toward the Paris 2024 Olympics.

NOC-K will take charge of the entire team, comprising the 4x100m men, 4x400m men, 4x400m women, and the mixed relay. The program is designed to ensure meticulous training and preparation to position the team for success on the global stage.

“We are fully committed to ensuring the team’s qualification and an ultimate podium finish in Paris” stated Chief Executive Officer to Paris 2024, Wanjiru Karani.

All athletes have commenced their training regimen at Nyayo Stadium, where they will benefit from a structured environment aimed at sharpening their skills and fostering teamwork. The program is led by Head Coach Mwaniki Mlamba is crafted to refine their abilities and strategize for success.

Furthermore, NOC-K has provided the 17 athletes with the necessary equipment and full kits.

During the launch event, NOC-K President Dr. Paul Tergat underscored the importance of hard work and qualification, emphasizing NOC-K’s commitment to providing proper care and support to the athletes.

“We’re enlisting sponsors to bolster this program. As a former athlete, I understand its significance. So, I implore you: stay focused,”

NOC-K Secretary General Francis Mutuku revealed plans for the team’s participation in the ASA Grand Prix continental tour challenge in Johannesburg, South Africa, followed by a camp in Miramas. The team will then proceed to the Penny Relays and culminate their preparation at the World Athletics Relays in the Bahamas on May 4-5, 2024.

Additionally, NOC-K expressed gratitude to Tusker for its generous sponsorship, providing significant financial support towards the program.

“Just as you saw, Tusker has given us 30 million for Team Kenya’s preparation, but on top of that, 5 million will be going to sprinters. A separate program just for you, so you will also be activating for KBL, and this is a boost for your morale when sponsors believe in you,” affirmed Francis Mutuku, Secretary General of NOC-K. Barnaba Korir, Athletics Kenya Youth Development Chairman, and Deputy Chef de Mission to Paris 2024 emphasized the importance of discipline and focus among the athletes.

Captain of the team and 2x Olympian Mike Mokamba expressed gratitude to NOC-K for its support and highlighted the historical significance of past achievements. “As Captain of the team, I want to thank NOC-K for coming on board to support the sprinters and launching this program. We reported to camp on Monday, and so far, we are comfortable. We desire to bring back memories of the 1972 Olympics,” stated Mokamba.

Five athletes, including 800M World Champion Mary Moraa, are absent from this camp as they prepare in Kasarani to depart for Accra, Ghana, they will subsequently fly directly to South Africa and join the team for their next phase of training.

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