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Nothing to smile about: Khalwale bashed for stampede victims’ x-ray photo

A visit made by former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale to a hospital to give a helping hand to victims of the tragic stampede incident at Kakamega Primary School has earned him criticism rather than praise.

Khalwale visited pupils who had been rushed to the hospital to receive treatment after sustaining injuries during a stampede at the school on Monday.


But one picture that he shared has landed him in trouble with Kenyans online.

In the photo, he is captured in the midst of other medical officers looking at an X-ray film. Mr Khalwale even has a stethoscope hanging around his neck.

A woman standing next to him is smiling broadly.

“Tonight at the Kakamega Hospital. 19 pupils now dead. 2 in ICU. Giving a helping hand,” tweeted Mr Khalwale.


This is what KOT seems to have taken offense with, especially the smiling woman.

Fourteen pupils died while at least 39 were seriously wounded in a stampede at Kakamega Primary School.

Reports indicated that the students were running out of class at 5pm when the tragedy occurred.

The school was temporarily closed on Tuesday to allow for investigations into the tragic deaths of the 14 pupils.