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Nyce Wanjeri’s hubby recounts her struggles with postpartum depression

Singer Leting, the partner of actress Nyce Wanjeri, has expressed his gratitude for the tremendous effort she exerted in bringing their daughter into the world. Nyce and Leting’ welcomed their first child together in July, 2023.

Through his social media platforms, Leting shed light on the challenges Nyce faced during the postpartum period and how he helped her cope with self-doubt and insecurities regarding the changes her body underwent after childbirth.

He began by reflecting on the profound changes a woman’s body undergoes during pregnancy and childbirth, emphasizing the physical and emotional impact it can have.

“One day I’ll tell you a story about this amazing human called Nyce Wanjeri. You see, during postpartum, she was so confused about what had happened to her body,” Leting said.

For those familiar with the pregnancy journey, the changes a woman’s body experiences, such as deformation and stretching of the skin, are well-known.

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Leting revealed how these changes scarred Nyce physically and emotionally.

“That’s what happened to my gem… and I could see the scar on her face,” he said.

Leting then delved into a critical issue that many women face but may hesitate to talk about — postpartum depression.

He acknowledged that Nyce struggled with her self-image and body changes after giving birth, to the extent that she preferred staying home and avoided leaving the house.

“Ladies and gents, this is called postpartum depression,” Leting stated, highlighting the importance of recognizing and addressing this challenging condition.

Leting, as a supportive partner, took it upon himself to help Nyce during this difficult period. He shared how he encouraged her to overcome her fears and anxieties, assuring her of his love and support.

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“If not for me insisting that she had to breathe, she didn’t wanna leave the house. Lakini Leting ni nani… I have been taking her out of the house by force,” he wrote.

Being the loving husband that he is, Leting organised lunch dates and his wife to gigs and concerts, even as he reminded her of the incredible feat of bringing a new life into the world.

Over time, Nyce learned to embrace her birth scars with pride, recognizing the significance of her journey and her resilience.

“She has recovered. Her scars have healed. She is glowing, and all these things make me so proud,” Leting said.

Leting’s message extended beyond their personal experience to offer appreciation and support to all individuals who have undergone life-altering processes, such as childbirth or other significant life changes.

“This is an appreciation post to everyone who has ever given birth or undergone any process that has had long and significant implications for their lives. I want y’all to know how much I appreciate you. Mothers, y’all are special. Y’all are pieces of roses without which this earth would stink pungent and would be ugly,” Leting said.