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Nyota Ndogo’s husband Henning Nielsen surprises her with a Sh3 million gift

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 17th, 2023 2 min read

Nyota Ndogo, the celebrated Kenyan singer, received a heartwarming surprise from her Danish husband, Henning Nielsen, who presented her with a remarkable gift worth Sh 3 million.

The artist excitedly shared this heartfelt gesture with her followers on her Instagram page.

In a post that touched the hearts of her fans, Nyota Ndogo, who currently resides in Voi, expressed her overwhelming emotions, revealing that tears of joy flowed when she realized the extent of her husband’s thoughtful gift.

“Dear friends, I am writing this message with tears in my eyes because what my husband has given me is not just a gift but something that will enable me to accomplish something significant for us and fulfill my dreams,” Nyota announced on September 14, teasing her followers about the impending revelation.

On Saturday, 16 September, the 42-year-old mother unveiled the extraordinary present her 60-year-old husband had bestowed upon her: a piece of land worth Ksh 3 million.

“Hello, my friends, wherever you are. You know that I do not post fake things on the internet. But this is the news I am going to share with you.

I have been continuously sharing my aspirations and prayers with you, and every time I mention them, I ask for your prayers too.

I believe that when you invoke the name of God and say ‘Amen,’ you mean it wholeheartedly.

I have received countless messages about my hotel plans, and while I appreciate your concerns, I want you to know that I have been running my business for six years now, and I’m not rushing or pressuring myself. Everything happens in due time, and I trust the process.”

Nyota Ndogo expressed her gratitude for the land gifted by her husband, emphasizing that he informed her that it was now officially in her name.

The accomplished singer, who also operates a restaurant in Voi, shared her intentions to develop a hotel on the newly acquired piece of land.

She poignantly recounted her husband’s words:

“He told me to write my name because it’s now mine, and he did this out of genuine love. The plot itself was purchased for Ksh 3 million, and it’s right here in Voi. Inshallah, we will build our cherished restaurant. Everything has its time, as God has ordained. That’s the truth.”

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