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Nyota Ndogo’s rise from chang’aa seller to stardom

By MERCY NJOKI September 2nd, 2015 2 min read

Celebrated musician Nyota Ndogo has for the first time opened up her closet and revealed the darkest secret previously unknown to her fans.

In an interview on Tuesday,  the award winning songbird revealed how her mother used to sell chang’aa, a toxic illicit brew, to fend for the family.

The young Nyota Ndogo would always assist her mother to sell the brew to her customers.

“My mother used to sell alcohol in our house in Mombasa and I would assist her. A glass used to go for Sh30. It was a very difficult life full of poverty and violence from the drunkards who frequented our home” she told Milele FM.

The 34 years old musician born Mwainaisha Abdalla also narrated how she dropped out of school at class seven and left home to search for work as a house girl.

“After trying many times without success, I was later hired by a white man who thought I was too young but gave me a chance.

“I worked so hard that my boss removed all the doubts he had on me. I started writing songs in his house. When he noticed that I had a talent, he bought me a keyboard as a gift,” said Nyota Ndogo.

She used to be paid Sh1500 by her employer.

But her fortunes changed after she switched to a fulltime career in music. She has produced single hits and done collaborations with many musicians across the world and performed in many countries.

“I have plans to go back to school because I understand the importance of education even with a successful career,” Nyota Ndogo said.

She is also dating a white boyfriend and is happy.

“ I love him and not his money. True love is rare and priceless. I got it and am here to stay in our relationship, ” she concluded.