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Oga Obinna backs Vera Sidika after backside stunt

Radio presenter Oga Obinna has backed socialite Vera Sidika’s backside reduction stunt.

The comedian, in a post on Twitter, suggested Kenyans would have been happier if the socialite’s looks had been changed following the supposed surgery.

He also suggested that Vera remains more beautiful than most of her hater’s girlfriends.

“Are you mad or disappointed because Vera Sidika has released a song or are you mad or disappointed because she didn’t suffer as you hoped and is still hotter than you plus your girlfriends? Jealousy is a disease,” read his tweet.

Vera Sidika has in the past week sent social media into a frenzy after she disclosed she had a butt reduction surgery only to release a song a few days later.

The mother of one had promised to share the ‘second part’ of her supposed Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) reversal on Friday evening but she instead released a song, teasing that no one saw it coming.

In the video, Vera raps about how she is still relevant in the industry and is making money through her ventures. This, however, did not rub her followers the right way as they castigated her for using a sensitive topic to chase clout.

What had initially made her gimmick plausible was when her hubby gave a confirmation of the surgery via his Instagram page saying that he was proud of her for being bold and that in as much as he was going to miss her body, he still loved her even more.

Unlike Oga Obinna, many other celebrities gave their opinion about the socialite’s moves with many of the opinions that she went too far by deceiving the general public about her body

Media personality Ciru Muriuki said that many celebrities rely on gimmicks just to sell their product, more so music which is something that people are enabling.

“There are so many incredibly talented Kenyan artists spanning different genres; gengetone, hip-hop, house and reggae. So many, but a few people have set the tone for this industry. The tone being screw talent, we will only rely on gimmicks,” said the media personality.

She added; “We have given clout chasers a platform they do not deserve. Like now we have spent a week talking about somebody’s booty only to realize all this was a gimmick to drum up publicity before releasing (quite frankly, mediocre) song.”

Noti Flow laughed at Vera for going out of her way and even considered doing surgery to achieve a body like hers.

“They all tryna be like us now. Petite is the sh*t y’all na haturingi,” the rapper wrote on Instagram.

Socialite Risper Faith had also reacted to Vera’s new look, claiming that she was the only one flaunting a real booty.

“Apparently I’m the only one with a real a**. Shangwe kwa waluhya,” she wrote.

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