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Pablo Escobar’s son slams TV series ‘Narcos’ for lying about drug lord’s life

The son of Colombian drug lord the late Pablo Escobar has said his father committed suicide so he would not have to hand himself in rather than being shot by the police.

Sebastian Marroquin who is set to launch his new book told the Sun Online that his father shot at himself at the roof top to avoid being taken hostage by the police.

Marroquin also slammed television series Narcos that has documented Pablo Escobar’s life. Marroquin has listed  28 points he described as outright lies in the Emmy Award nominated-show that has become a global hit among Kenyan fans.

Mr Marroquin, who was formerly known as Juan Pablo Escobar, changed his name to flee Columbia after his father’s death in 1993.


He said the autopsy report was changed to show that his father’s killer bullet was from the police after the people in charge were threatened.

Mr Marroquin, now a 39-year-old architect, added that he is certain as he spoke to his father on phone 10 minutes before he died.

“He never used the phone for years being the most wanted man in the world, until that day when he was found,” he said.

He also told Sun Online how he offered the producers of Narcos unrestricted access to extensive family archive of photographs and video.

“But they preferred to buy the version of the DEA where nobody ever met my father in person, but through records,” he said.

The hit show is set to enter its third season next year.